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Hey, Folks! How is your New Year going so far? New Year Resolutions? Well, the January GlamEgo Box preaches “#NoResolutions” which totally goes along. For those who don’t know about this, well it’s a monthly subscription box that provides 4-5 handpicked makeup & beauty products of luxury brands. You get products worth thousands for a maximum of 400/- (the maximum price). If you subscribe for more months, the price range goes further down till 289/-. How cool is that!

The January Box contains 4 products : 3 beauty & 1 makeup. The box design is highly creative. It has the theme title embossed on the top “#NoResolutions“. The sides and the back have various common resolutions we think about and keep during the start of the year. Let’s begin the unboxing now.


Bio Bloom’s Age Defying & Radiance Booster Face Oil ( ₹1499, Net Content 15ml)

Since face oils and face serums have been trending so much, this month GlamEgo introduced one in their box too. This is the star product of the box undoubtedly. It is a mix of apricot kernel oil, carrot seed oil, rosehip oil, germanium oil,  lemon oil,   rosemary, vitamin E and more! This oil claims to help in slowing down the ageing process and is made especially for people above the age of 18.  It comes with the convenient dropper to control the amount of product to use. 2-3 drops of this product can possibly do wonders for our skin.

Bella Voste  Perfect Gloss in Pop Of Pink ( ₹599, Net Wt. 3.2 ml)

Liquid Lipsticks have been in vogue a lot last year and is going to stay too but winters and liquid matte lipsticks are a dreadful combination for our lips. But glosses can come around this time solving our difficulties. The Bella Voste gloss moisturises the lips giving them a plumpy, fuller look. The colour shade is choosable. The gloss applied beautifully without leaving stroke lines. It’s pretty opaque for a gloss. Score 😉

Natural Bath & Body vital nourishment Cream ( ₹220, Net Contents 20ml)

Though the product advertises a “LIGHTER, WHITER” skin, I am excited to use it just because it contains grapefruit extracts and vitamin C. Other than this, it also contains coconut oil, coconut milk and glycerin, which are famous for doing wonders for the skin.

M caffeine Shower Gel ( ₹189, Net Contents 50 ml)

I have heard lots of bloggers and YouTubers rave about this product. Finally, got my hands on it through this box. It contains caffeine, taurine and vitamin E. Vitamin E is miraculous for our skin and caffeine is great for refreshing. The smell itself is so refreshing and energizing. You must definitely try this product.


I loved all the products in the January GlamEgo Box. thoroughly. You can get one for yourself here. Special thanks to GlamEgo Team for graciously sending this box exclusively for review.  Do let me know if you have already tried any of these products or are wanting to try any products. I would be happy to read about it.

Lots Of Love,

Author : Hetvi Desai

4 Replies to “Unboxing GlamEgo Subscription Box | January 2018 | Indian Subscription Box”

  1. Can I get the link to order it from?

    1. Hey Shweta, you can visit their site at http://www.glamego.com .
      You need to login there and fill a survey form. You can then add the January GlamEgo box according to the subscription of your liking and pay accordingly. You will soon be contacted by the GlamEgo team for product options if they prevail any. Hope this helps you.😊

  2. I want January box…. Its Feb now

    1. Sorry you can’t avail the box now. However you can purchase the products individually at GlamEgo.com

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