Unboxing GlamEgo Subscription Box | March 2018 | Indian Subscription Box

Hi everyone!

March is special to GlamEgo! You know why ? Well, it’s their birthday and anniversary with us! This year GlamEgo turned 3! Cheers to them! The March GlamEgo is specially designed to celebrate this occasion! Let’s check out!

First of all, the box got an upgrade to a magnetic one. How cool is that!! The theme for this month is “Girl Boss”, dedicates the Women’s Day celebration in this month. The box has a beautiful watercolour print! We can take it as the Holi celebration in this month too! GlamEgo is undoubtedly on its top of their packaging games. This month I got 5 products summing to ₹2000/- just for 399/-. Lets see what I got!

  • Mondsub Charcoal Mask(1000/-, Net Comtent 100 ml)

Charcoal is in vogue people! It was so satifying to see those instagram videos of charcoal peel-offs masks. Now, I am happy I have one and can make a gross video like that! However, this peel-off mask is introduced for the first time in India by Mondsub! This product claims to remove dead skin, impurities, white & black heads!

  • BellaVoste Gel EyeLiner(399/-,Net Wt. 1.2 gms)

GlamEgo provided a selection from 4 eye-products from the brand BellaVoste. You can choose from their liquid eyeliner, mascara, brow liner or gel liner. Well, I am most comfortable with gel liners and this product didn’t disappoint at all. It has a soft, creamy texture which applies smoothly on your eyes. It doesn’t smude. So you can wear it as a liner or kajal too. The gel liner comes in a retractable pencil form for easy application.

  • Kronokare Hair Spray (395/-,Net Content 30 ml)

This isn’t just a hair spray! It’s an anti-pollution hair spray. Last month, GlamEgo included their anti-pollution spray for face and I liked that product. This whole range of anti-pollution sprays help a lot. This product smells great. Two-Three pumps can do a lot. It’s non-greasy too. And Kronokare products are free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils & chemicals. So, that’s a win-win situation!

  • Aroma Magic Reviving Face Oxy Pack(90/-)

This product claims to oxygenate the skin to keep cells flexible, the natural botanicals fights free radicals, regenerates cell metabolism, helps hyper pigmentation and lightens the skin. It has a gel-based consistency which takes around 10-15 minutes to dry. It’s more benificial if used overnight.

  • BellaVoste Nail Enamel(149/-,Net Volume 6 ml)

It’s a toxin free nail-paint. Random colours are added to the box. It’s a complimentary gift from the GlamEgo as a token.

That’s all I recieved this month in my GlamEgo Box! Get one for you or your loved ones from glamego.com .


Author : Hetvi Desai

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