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Gardens By The Bay is located near the Marina Reservoir and is one of Singapore’s best attraction. With a diverse range of plant life, there is so much to explore in this garden. The whole area is divided into various themed gardens , conservatories, supertrees and what not. There are two lakes which are teeming with aquatic life. Stroll along the boardwalk or watch the beautiful breath-taking waterfront views. Learn about the intricacies of plant life in the themed gardens.
The key attractions here are :
  • Flower Dome
  • Cloud Forest
  • The SuperTrees
  • Heritage Gardens
  • World Of Plants
  • DragonFly Lake

SuperTree Grove | Gardens By The Bay

Anyone even passing Gardens by the Bay will immediately notice the Gardens’ Supertrees. They are all around the garden. But the biggest cluster of them, containing 12 SuperTrees form the SuperTree Grove.

What are The SuperTree ?

SuperTrees are tree like vertical gardens. Some of them use photo voltaic cells which capture solar energy that’s used to light them up. Some Supertrees are also used as air exhaust channels for the Conservatories. Their capony comes to life at night with an exhilarating show of lights and music.

Two of the SuperTrees are connected 22 metres above the ground. You can have a stroll there having a perfect panoramic skyline view of Singapore. Spectacular!

Let me tell you about the Lights-Sound Show I mentioned before. Everyday at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm, the trees come to life in the SuperTree Grove area. 6 out of these 12 displays an outstanding visual and audio effects spectacle which awakens your senses. Now to watch this show, you need to find a place under the tree and lie down facing towards the sky and wait for the show to start. It’s a 15 minute show of awnness and amazement.  BTW did I tell you this show is FREE ?

Here’s a video I captured during the show. Apologies for the unstable hands I have and bad video shooting skills. :p CheckOut My INSTAGRAM for another video.

ENJOY !!!!

Ohh yes ! I saw couples getting their pre-wedding shoots done here and it was preety amazing.

SuperTree Grove

This is just a small piece of Gardens By The Bay I shared with you all. Keep visiting for the rest stories of Gardens By The Bay / Singapore Diaries.

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