Summer Essentials 2018

summer essentials

Hey you’ll,

Summers are here and I thought of doing a small post for the must-have skin-care & hair-care essentials for the season. I have just mentioned the basic products and some information and you can choose any product according to your all’s like, preferences and budgets. Let’s beat the heat with healthy skin and hair 😉 .

1. Mild Shampoo :

Wash your hair twice / thrice a week. Use a mild shampoo to protect them from ripping of all necessary oils.

2. Body Wash :

Use a good moisturizing body wash to give you that healthy, hydrated, soft skin in this scorching heat.

3. Moisturizer :

Moisturizer are not made only for winters. Your skin needs the moisture in summers too . Don’t forget to treat your skin with it.

4. Lip Balm :

Protect your lips from the heat . Use a lip balm containing an SPF. Yes, it’s easily available and is necessary too.

5. Deodorant :

Obviously you don’t want to stink during summers when perspiration reach it’s peak . Now what’s important is ,use an ALCOHOL-FREE deodorant .

6. Rose Water Mist :

Keep it handy and feel fresh anytime you want by just giving your face a nice shower in it. It’s refreshing and smells heavenly. Or add it to your face pack for soft skin.

7. Sunscreen :

Saving the best for the last, DON’T EVER FORGET your SUNSCREEN. A SPF 50 and above is necessary if you are in India. You know the basic drill. But reapply it every 3-4 hours for a better protection .

Keep your self HYDRATED. Let’s beat this heat. Take good care of your skin and hair. Hope this sorted out somethings for you!


Author : Hetvi Desai

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