I started 2018 with a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm to work and do new things, but somehow that drive to create new content, that passion I once had for my blog, unknowingly faded away. I was in a stagnant state of mind. Procrastinating for months. Part of the reason for this change was entering the professional phase, but I realised that the negativity on social media and the pressure of keeping the content on the blog up-to-the-mark & consistent was getting to me.

I got many messages asking why I stopped and the reason for being MIA. Well, the reason I stopped the unboxing posts was mainly that I wasn’t feeling it. It became too monotonous for me. It felt like almost all the posts I wrote were at the end very similar. I couldn’t put my thoughts and new ideas into words. I slacked in uploading posts. I pushed my self to upload this summer, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t because I wasn’t proud of what I was uploading. In the end, I felt I needed a break from the pressure of keeping up the consistency in order to provide the best content on this platform.

This break gave me more insights and vision as what I can do and how I can take this blog further. I uploaded a book review two months back, with a totally different perspective and format. Putting it out here, made me happy and satisfied after a long time.

I’ve been feeling the inspiration slowly coming back, and I woke up this morning, with this sudden impulse to get back in my game. And that’s the only reason you’re reading this post. We all grow. And at some point, we’re all bound to feel that stagnancy. But what really helps is identifying and accepting the change, figuring out why its happening, planning a solution, taking a break and most importantly, forgetting about what others will think and say. Till now, I have used this platform for sharing things related to travel, lifestyle and literature. From now onwards, I want to indulge timely in a little reflection and soul talks. I don’t know and I can’t promise when the next post will be, but whatever it will be, would be the best of me.

Keep loving and keep reading!

Lots Of Love,

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