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The Singapore Zoo is one of the oldest attraction in Singapore, opened in 1973 till now. It is famous as the house of  largest captive colony of orangutans in the world. Singapore Zoo houses a variety of animals in different sections across an approximate area of 69 acres.

The various section shelters a diverse range of animals from all around the world. You can witness polar bears to giraffes, exotic white tigers to penguins all on the same ground in their respective shelters.

You can view a sea lion dancing and playing around or an elephant painting in different animal shows conducted. The timings for the same are mentioned in the booklets provided at the ticket centres.

I would advice you to carry minimum necessities along and wear comfortable shoes because it is a gigantic place to explore. But don’t worry if you can’t walk, there are trams running through out the trails which will drop you at the important points and you can roam around and board another tram when finished. Refreshment stalls can be seen at considerable spaces.

I would advice you to visit everything in a leisure way, exploring everything precisely and not skipping anything. Because, every animal here is different from the other.

Have a great time at Singapore Zoo. The tickets can be booked earlier or can be bought on the spot.


Author : Hetvi Desai


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