A Day Out At Sardar Sarovar Dam

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I hope you all are as excited for this week or the next week as I am . Reason ? If you live in India , you are going to have long weekends this time. All thanks to the public holidays of various festivals. Now if there is going to be a long weekend , why sit at home and rot. Better go out with family or friends for a short trip or a one day picnic ! Now deciding the place to visit is a boring task. So if you live somewhere nearby upper-south Gujarat, I have an excellent place for you to visit in this season ! Cheers ! Yaay ! :p

It’s the SARDAR SAROVAR DAM built on the River Narmada. Personally, I have visited this place 5-6 times given the fact that it’s an hour and half drive from my town. It’s a really nice place for a one day picnic. If you want to stay more, there are places around which u can add to your trip. Let me start with the basic information you need to have when you visit this place.

  • Location And How To Get Here:

The dam site is located on Narmada River near NAVAGAM, Gujarat.

(Click On The Map For Exact Location.)

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It is reachable by road from Bharuch – Ankleswar – Rajpipla to Kevadia (site place). The route provides so many wonderful scenes. Do keep your camera ready.

  • Best Time To Visit :

“MONSOON “. You would love to see the overflowing water through the dam. Do a RAINCHECK before you go. You don’t want to see empty dam obviously 😐 .


  • Entry Ticket :

Don’t miss out on the signboard when you are there for the tickets orelse you would have to drive back to the main entrance again. (Personal Experience :|)


  • Places To See :

If you are in an impression that there is only the main dam to visit , you are WRONG ! This place has many points to visit. Also there are 7 reservoirs. But only one is open for visit till I remember. I think you might have heard of the STATUE OF UNITY. Well, you can atleast visit the proposed site for the time being. Below are some point specifically for the Kevadia Colony you can visit.

  1. Dam view point 1 – offers a commanding frontal view of the Sardar Sarovar Dam.
  2. Dam view point II – offers a close view but entry of vehicles restricted for want of parking space.
  3. Dam view point III- the original view point  with basic information charts and statue of Sardar Patel
  4. Head regulator for main canal – the starting point of a 532 Km. long main canal which will flow through Gujarat to Rajasthan.
  5. Site for trekking and jungle-walking.
  6. Godbole gate – while operational, it offers a beautiful view of water released back to the river Narmada for downstream ecology.
  7. Sun set Point
  8. Statue of Unity (Proposed Site)
    1. Vadgam Lake (rock filled pond 1)
    2. Baharphaliya Lake (rock filled pond II)
    3. Panchmuli Lake (rock filled pond III)
    4. Khalvani Lake (rock filled pond IV)

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Other Places To Visit Around:

  1. Ninai Waterfall
  2. Zarwani Water Fall
  3. Rajvant Palace Resort, Rajpipla


You can find out more here : http://www.sardarsarovardam.org/tourism.aspx

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