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Along side the Singapore Zoo, lies the river-themed zoo and aquarium, The River Safari. Also next to this is the Night Safari, which is the most popular nocturnal zoo around the globe. Both these places are very famous among the visitors to Singapore.

The main highlights of River Safari are the river boat ride and the famous pair of pandas that reside here. The walk towards the river showcases a variety of fresh water animals from across 7 main rivers in the world. It also covers the two Pandas: Kai Kai & Jia Jia attract a lot of people here. The river boat ride takes us across through the outskirts areas of Singapore Zoo where if lucky enough you can see elephants drinking water on the banks. A ride “Arizona River Quest” features a variety of species which includes Red howler monkeys, Scarlet ibis, Collared peccaries, jaguars, flamingos and more.

While the Night Safari opens at the dusk. It takes along the route in trams to view the animals in the natural surroundings without any cages. You can even walk down the different trails. There are various night shows of fire and animals too. Dine at various restaurants experiencing a variety of cuisines.

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Author : Hetvi Desai


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