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Pom-Poms have been in vogue this year literally! Take it shoes, apparels, accessories or even home decor, Pom-Poms have made their place and are trending all over. They are so simple yet look funky and stylish at the same time, I was like let’s DIY some of these items. And when I say you this is simple, trust me because I am a lazy person always finding shortcuts. Also pointing out, it is cheap AF. I would enter some price quotes to let you know how I created something so trendy in such low rates.

POM-POM Accessories:


These Earrings is what I see at all local street shops nowadays. They come in various sizes and patterns. But, the one found interesting were these Pom-Pom Hoops. All I needed was some Hoop Earrings (INR 20) & these colourful pieces of Pom-Pom(INR 10). I inserted some of the Pom-Poms to the earrings and there you have a new piece of jewellery.

Just look at this beautiful piece. Do you know the best part? You can make them of any colours or patterns you want anytime. Rocking new piece every time by just changing a bit.


Chokers have been in trend for the longest time. And mixing both the trends together was the best idea I had. I just used a simple lace with some mirror detailings (INR 10) which had these pom-pom kind-of balls attached to it below. You can surely tie small pom-poms to a simple lace. I made this choker following the way I had described before in my Trend Alert: Choker Neck post.

Besides these, you can glue these pom-poms to your hairpins or even wrap a trim around your plain bangles. This would instantly change their looks.

POM-POM Footwear:

I recycled two of my footwear pairs to something really colourful and fun. The first pair were basic chappals which were quite worn out too. I just glued some colourful pom-poms to the straps and now they are a lot quirky and colourful as if a unicorn POOPED all over it.

For the second pair, I had this simple ankle covering sandals. The earlier ankle strap was so ugly I had immediately thrown it away. I just used equal lace trims as my ankle straps and now they look perfect.


Now, this both DIYs are very pretty and I am so proud of making them. They are just fantastic pieces, my babies <3


This DIY needs a  little work. You can get some help too. The thing I used here as my cloth was my mother’s dupatta. Yes, you read it right. A Polyester dupatta lying around your house would serve the purpose. A pom-pom lace, scissors, and some thread & needle would be only required extra. I have inserted pictures below to show the procedure. Hope you make one for yourself too.

The final product looked like this. I paired it with some black jeggings. My DIY Earrings and DIY Chappals. Also carried a pink sling to carry on the traditional theme. Btw, this cost only INR 20 for the lace.


All I needed here was a basic solid top and some pom-poms. I stitched along the pom-poms to the base of the top and it changed the look in a moment.

I paired this top along with some black ankle length pants and the DIY ankle strap sandals. Carried a traditional red wristlet which matched perfectly to the red trim of the footwear.

I really hope you all liked the DIYs here. Do share if you recreate any of these. It would really mean a lot.


Author : Hetvi Desai

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    Thats one fabulous idea!!👍🏻👌🏻 You look beautiful!! 😍

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      Thanks 🤗

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