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TBL stands for Travel, Books & Lifestyle. And this is a pilot Books-themed post. If you have read the Welcome post, you might already know that TBL originated from my love for books. But lately, Reading took a backseat and I wasn’t able to finish a single book. BUT… I decided to read more books since I am free now from all the studies stuffs for a while.


The plot is set! Pinky cool mornings, cosy warm blankets, a hot coffee/tea and a beautiful book. How tempting it sounds! Aint it ?? I know it does. And the mere thought of this made me want new books. And I ended up buying not 1, not 2 but 5 beautiful books. All different genres. So, I decided to share it with you all and help out some of you geeky readers getting a new book. Let’s talk about what I got and what inspired me to get that.

I felt a bit off about not completing books so I thought of getting a book of short stories. I asked about it to some of my friends. And was suggested Short Stories By LEO TOLSTOY. It was the readers choice so it went into my cart straight. Next, I was suggested a book by the same author, ANNA KARENINA. A dramatic book revolving around a man with an extramarital affair and his wife. It was among the best books. So, got that too.

Next, I wanted to get a book of poetry. Recently, I got addicted to poetry recitation and poetry itself(Blame Saray Kaye & Ananya Johar for that!). So my first preference was hands down Rumi! But, I had seen many people getting THE SUN AND HER FLOWERS by Rupi Kaur. Found out to be Goodreads Choice Awards Best Poetry for the year 2017! Did I need something more to not get it ??

The fourth book is something I was dying to read for a very long time. It’s the first instalment of the Ramchandra series by Amish Tripathi, SCION OF IKSHVAKU. I am a fan of the Shiva Trilogy. I remember reading the books, finishing it before my boards rather than finishing my syllabus. Finally, got the chance to get it and it is going to be the first among the lot that I would read.

The last book was a random choice. It’s TRAIN TO PAKISTAN by Khushwant Singh. I was recommended this book many times. As a school student, we used to have chapters consisting of stories by him. I had loved those stories then and I really look forward to adoring this book too.

You can get the books here:

Anna Karenina

The Greatest Short Stories of Leo Tolstoy

The Sun and her flowers

Scion of Ikshvaku: An Epic adventure storybook on the Ramayana, The Tale of Lord Ram (Ram Chandra Series)

Train to Pakistan

Here are some tricks I follow while purchasing a book :

  • Have a vision of what genre book I want.
  • After setting that, look out for the top books in the list.
  • Check it out on Amazon.
  • Read the Back Cover Image to get some idea about the book.
  • If I like what I read so far, I order it.

I prefer ordering books from Amazon because there are always discounts on the books!


I really hope you all liked this post. Also, do let me know what kind of books stuffs you all would like to read here. Reviews & Recommendations or Hauls or Favourite Snippets from the books I read. Also, do share your favourite books in the comment section & do recommend some books to read.

Till then keep reading and keep learning!

Lots Of Love,

Author: Hetvi Desai

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