My 18 For 2018 | 2018 Want TO DO List


It’s the last weekend of the year guys! I made a list for myself about things I want to do in 2018. This ain’t my resolution list though, just a bucket list for 2018!  Sharing here with you so that you can add some things to your list too.

1.Get Contact Lenses

Stuck with specs for a decade now, always wanted to get a pair. It’s high time for me to shift to lenses and say bye to the spectacles.

2. Maintain A Journal

This ain’t the day-to-day journal/dairy we used to keep where we wrote what happened the whole day. It’s more of writing down at night my schedule for the next day. The things I need to finish for the following day. I feel that’s going to make my days more organized.

3. Work On Branding The Blog 

I have many designs in mind for the blog logo. Hoping them to turn out soon. *fingers crossed*

4. Get My Hands On Make-Up

I have started getting that make-up surely helps you look more presentable. So, why not ?

5. Save

I have small saving routines right now, but I feel I should expand it and start saving them up in better investment plans. Also, increase my knowledge about various other saving schemes.

6. Read

This year I sulked on reading a lot. But I want to be more active in reading books for the coming year. At least 1 book a month would be great.

7. Being more Affirmative

Being around positive people is going to be the top of the list. Getting rid of negative people, hate vibes for forever is a must!

8. Fitness

Walk or basic workout routines for at least 5 days a week!

9. Holiday

Already looking forward for a good holiday with my mom. Quality time, away from the worries of world 😉 .

10. Experiments with Looks

When I say this, it’s not only concerning me, it also includes the blog designs and my social media pages. Do let me know if you have some beautiful themes in your mind for experimenting.

11. Volunteer for some good cause

I want to volunteer my time and energy for society this year. Whether it be teaching small children or helping out the aged ones. If you know about any organisations requiring help, do let me know.

12. Charity

I feel it’s always not enough what we give to the one in needs. I want to start donating this year, whether it being food, clothes or money!

13. Work On Creative & Informative Ideas

I want to make this space very informative and attractive. To be frank enough, I can’t always do all the cliche things, just for the views. I want to make sure if you spend 10 minutes reading here, those 10 minutes should either inspire you or should increase your knowledge treasure a bit more.

14. Drive

I really wish that I start driving again. It’s been a long time when the steering was in my hands!

15. Schedule Blog Posts

I know the blogging is just for my hobby and is not my only career, I want to make sure that I stay consistent with the posts the new year.

16. Indulge In Crafts

I had enjoyed doing crafts, DIYs and calligraphy. There had been a step back for quite a while but I started it this year and want to continue it for the next year too.

 17. Learn a music Instrument

Just for fun peeps! I want to get my hands on playing an actual instrument rather than playing tunes on my table. 😀

18. Indulge In Delicious Food

Really want to gulp down and experience some new cuisines. Can’t Wait!!!!!


Have you made a list?? Share it here or any social media link! Would be glad to hear from you all too.

New Year Wishes To All!

Bundles Of Love,

Author: Hetvi Desai

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  1. Devarshi Raval says: Reply

    After reading this..
    I got right on to my list😋

    1. That’s great! Glad to hear that!

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