This happens to be my first and I’m equally exicted. I had promised myself that I would blog but my sheer laziness and duhhh… study schedule didnt let me put my thoughts down. But now No More !! Better start than never ! RIGHT ??

And for the introduction , I am Hetvi Desai. I am an IT Engineering student. And the story behind creating this blog is quite interesting. Idealy siting in my twoooo months long vacay, I suddenly desired to do something new and asked a friend about options for it. And there he was smart as anything and said “You read lots of books,maybe you should start writing about them”. YES! That’s where this all started.
Now getting to the point where what exactly you would be reading in my future blogs, well I’ll not only be covering books, it will also include various other sections of my travel stories , crafts, DIYs, maybe some fashion tips, anything good I come up to while surfing, some serious thoughts rather questions for this and upcoming generatons and adding to the cute section “PAW Stories”.
It’s going to more than this for sure for the readers. Surprises !!!!
Yay! See you soon!
PS: Key to success is Passion!!

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