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Diwali – Festival of LIGHTS – is here and we all can’t be less thrilled. Meeting our loved ones, feasting on special Diwali delicacies, decorating home with lights and lamps, making pretty rangolis is all we wait for. Don’t we ?? Oppss… I missed the most important event… Bursting Firecrackers. We all have loved all these fireworks since we were a kid. But do we realize all those fun moments of fireworks are actually a dreadful nightmare for all our cute four legged friends.

It’s a fact that dog’s hearing ability is seven times that of humans. Certain frequencies of sound register 40 times louder in dogs than they would in humans. In fact, experts say that the bang of a bomb is so loud that it could cause a heart attack among dogs. Even birds and rodents are affected during Diwali since their senses are sharper than humans.

Pawsitive Diwali

Think of all those stray animals who are abused severely during these times. Some psychopaths  literally harm them by throwing live crackers at them or tying it to their tails. Friends, It’s not fun at all. It’s inhumanity. Respect everything that breathes. PLEASE.

This time try and have a soundfree Diwali. Just avoid all those bombs and any firecracker that creates a bang. And to help all those poor terrified animals follow these points as it may help them to calm down.

  • Give a shelter to stray animals anywhere in your house where the sound of crackers is minimum.
  • Try to feed them and engage them in activities.
  • For your pets, keep them in a room with minimum exposure to sound and light.
  • Hug them. Hugs can really help to stop the anxiety all these animals get.
  • Use cotton as ear plugs for them.
  • Make sure to keep them away from candles and diyas.
  • Talk to them. Give them some toys to play. Or just sit besides them through all these. It would really help in soothing them.
  • If you come across any burnt animals, please call a vet. In big cities, many NGOs take active part in animal rights. You can contact them too.


This Diwali , Lets make it happy for all. Let’s have a PAWsitive Diwali, an animal friendly Diwali ,a safe Diwali !

Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali and A Prosperous New Year,

Stay Safe And Enjoy,

How to help animals during Diwali Author : Hetvi Desai

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