A Visit To Gargoti Museum | Gem & Mineral Museum In India

Last two weeks have been hectic traveling for me, but the most highlighted part of all the traveling was The Gargoti Museum. This place is the first in showcasing and displaying precious gems and minerals in India. The museum showcases spectacular precious stones, exclusive crystal carvings, fossils of extinct dinosaurs and shells and the major attractions viz. rocks from Moon & Mars.

Basic Information:

  • Location: MIDC, Malegaon, Sinner, Nashik
  • Entry Fee: 100/- per person (as of 2017)
  • Timings: 8 am to 8 pm, Open 365 Days
  • A guide is provided to every group.

Facts & Figures : 80% of the exhibits displayed are obtained from the different regions of India and mainly Maharashtra.

Now, Let’s talk about the museum. On entrance, there stands a beautiful idol of Bharat Mata. On first glance, looks like it is made of stone carving, but in reality, is made of fiber by a local artist in Nashik. There are beautiful statues made from single rock pieces of quartz and rose quartz of Lord Ganesha.

Gargoti Museum is divided into 2 galleries, “The Deccan Plateau Gallery” & “The Prestige Gallery”. The former one displays various stones and minerals found from the regions in India. It also displays the fossils of Dinosaurs found in terrains of Gujarat.

While “The Prestige Gallery” exhibits collections from all across the globe. The centerpiece of this section is the rocks from Moon & Mars. It also displays the best of the collections from India.

There is a small souvenir shop too. You can purchase exclusive stone collectibles and handicrafts like Gem Trees, Jewelries, Cut Stones, etc.

Facts & Figures: Some of the pieces here weigh more than 350 kg.

I have displayed only few of the images here. If you want to see the  whole collection of images, click here for Deccan Plateau Gallery and here for Prestige Gallery.

If this place comes in your route, I would definitely suggest you to visit the Gargoti Museum. It would be worth your visit and your time. You can check out their official website here.


 Author : Hetvi Desai

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