Trend Alert : Choker Neck

Remember the times when Princess Diana used to rock her choker neck, especially the pearl and sapphire one…. If you don’t remember take a look below.

Well Well !  The Choker Neck is back in vouge ! Infact it’s 2016s favourite trend ! The main thing about choker necklace is CHOKER is all the accessory you need . Whether it is a party dress or casual  t-shirt look , choker rocks them all ! Don’t believe me … Ask the Kardashian Family


And for some more inspiration … Hollywood Celebs from 2016…

Selena Gomez pulls off the choker trend oh so well. If you look closely, she has a scarf tied around her neck. So Smart!

And our Bollywood ladies are nowhere behind.


Ohhh! I so love this multi-layer choker Alia is pulling off so well !


Don’t worry, invest in it. It’s not going anywhere atleast not this year. If not make one yourself. Yes, It’s very easy. Check this out.

  1. Buy some laces, glue and some press button.DIY-Chokers-Tutorial
  2.  Cut the lace of  your neck measurement . Glue the buttons at the end.DIY-Choker-Necklaces
  3. For some fun and creativity, you can add little drop earings in the centre too. Also you can get really nice ideas from PINTEREST !DIY-Lace-Chokers

Hope you find this helpful.

Till the next time, Bye!

Keep it Stylish ! !



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  1. Tanvi Chandwani says: Reply

    Love those.. Will definitely try this..😅

    1. Keep It Stylish ! 😉

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