Book Review: Losing My Religion, Sita & House Of Cards

Sita: Warrior of Mithila

  • Author‎: ‎Amish Tripathi
  • Publisher‎: Westland Press
  • Retail Price: ₹350

What is it: This book is a beautiful retelling of the epic tale already known across the Indian household, but with Sita’s perspective and some more fictional intricacies.

Why I dig it: Written from Sita’s perspective, it uncovers various parts of her life. Going back to how she was found, her journey as a daughter, a sister and a wife. Building up the story, it reveals the plan of Ram and Sita for the next Vishnu.

Losing My Religion

  • Author‎: ‎Vishwas Mudagal
  • Publisher‎: ‎FingerPrint! Publishing
  • Retail Price: ₹199

What is it: This book is an inspiring fictional story of Rishi Rai, an entrepreneur and a gamer, his success and his fallout. This story gives you all the flavours of romance, Friendship, struggle and passion.

Why I dig it: The fresh plot makes it so addictive. The storyline has a good grasp on the reader with the adventurous plot at Manala and Gokarna, an inspiring story at Kumbhmela. You can connect to the story and the characters at various parts so easily. The book keeps you curious, thinking about what will happen next. The climax does pay off well.

House Of Cards

  • Author‎: ‎Sudha Murthy
  • Publisher‎: Penguin
  • Retail Price: ₹250

What is it: A simple story of Mridula who doesn’t understand selfishness and money grubbing up until the latter years of her life. And when her husband turns out to be such a person, she couldn’t stand it. The story gives a basic introduction to materialistic behaviour and their causes.

Why I dig it: The story being plain gives a strong message of how money can influence and affluence people’s lives, how kindness is given up for the thirst of getting more. The story indirectly conveys the lesson of how to be with or without money, how not to leave the morals and values with money in our pockets.

Author : Hetvi Desai

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