What’s In My Bag ? | Things you only need

Hello Girls !

Ever thought how many unnecesary things we girls dump in our bag /purse that at the end of the day your shoulders start paining ? Well, I experienced this myself and then I did two things to stop burdening my shoulders anymore.

  • Carry a small/medium size bag only. This way you would just carry only enough things that won’t cause pain.
  • Make a list of things that you really need. Make room for only those things in your bag strictly.

Want to know what I have in my bag which according to me are the only things u need in your bag too ? Keep on reading where I reveal my bag TREASURE. 😛

  • Wallet


The wallet is a must-have in my bag. I need a wallet because I can’t manage the cash, coins and ID without it. Without a wallet, I would be losing money in a way that I won’t even notice.

  • Mobile and Accessories


I only carry my phone if I need to go out for few hours. But while traveling or when I am out for a whole day , I include my earphones and my power bank too.

  • Mint/Gums


I like to pop one whenever I am out or traveling. It just distracts me from the boredom. A small pack of HappyDent / TicTac fits in properly. Also, I can offer to people if they are travel-sick.

  • Keys


I don’t keep keys in my pockets anymore after I lost them few times. So in goes my vehicle keys and house keys.

Beauty Essentials:


  • Hair Ties/ Hair Clips

I have frizzy hair so whenever I am driving or traveling or whenever it is hot , I love to tie my hair in a bun.

  • LipBalm Stick

I like carrying LipBalm Sticks because

a) I may need it anytime. 😛

b) LipBalm Tubs make your fingers messier when you need to dig down the product to get some.

  • Face Wipes / Tissues

I keep them just in case I feel a little sticky/humid. I had the DOVE Wet Wipes, but It made my face a lot dry, so now I keep simple tissues or wipes just in case I need them.

  • Sanitary Napkins

I always keep one in my bag because you never know when you need it or someone else needs it. From a long time, napkins are coming in an individual packing, so it’s easy to carry it around too.


So this is all I carry around. Sometimes a scarf around the bag for anytime use. Sometimes I also include a travel pack of face-wash, a small hand-sanitizer or a book . I usually carry a cross-over bag of a medium size. I like sling bags over purses because they look more cool according to me. 😀

Hope you liked this post and it was helpful to you. Tell me what you have in your bag.

Till the next time,

Keep It Light and Keep It Stylish,


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  1. Yeah..smtimes it’s difficult to decide wht to carry nd wht not😅, thanks for sharing this☺!!

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