Adious Friend : Bidding Farewell To A Dear Dog

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First of all a very happy Sunday. So today I am launching a new category to the blog, PAW STORIES.  Let me tell you, I was not an animal lover earlier, nor I was the hater. But since last year, I have been spending quite a time caressing animals around my college. And personally, I have found them quite amusing, intelligent and purely selfless. Again going through Internet, I found out the below post and thought to share it with you all.

It’s heart wrenching to let go of someone you love. Especially when that someone is your selfless, loving and loyal pooch.

Dogs are the best thing that happened to mankind. They love you selflessly, without judgment, they celebrate you coming home from work like they haven’t seen you in ages and their presence makes dark days brighter. Your furry companion is like family, they partake in your joy and sorro

So when this Imgur user’s pet Hannah’s health started failing, she was in pain and she was tired, her owner decided to put her to rest to rid her of all her pain.
She documented her dog’s last day on Snapchat.

Keeping the crushing grief of losing her beloved pet at bay she set about making her last day perfect, it was about celebrating Hannah and making her feel loved and special before saying goodbye.

The decision was hard for her owner. She explains how Hannah was having seizures since the past two months. She was on medication for her kidneys and for the pain in her elbows and hips.

Off medication she still had seizures, but not horrible ones but Hannah couldn’t climb stairs, she faltered and fell and everyday activities had become tiring and burdensome.


Hannah’s day started with aroma therapy to make her feel and smell good.

She even got a cute little heart patch on her fur.


Hannah is glammed up in a pink scarf.


Her owner treats her to fast food, a burger from McDonald’s.



Back home, they spend time with her, taking the last couple of pictures.


Hannah sits on the grass as the family says their goodbyes.


Looking considerably cheerful after meeting her old friend, they have one last play session.


She relaxes peacefully enjoying the cool breeze.


Her owner pampers her, painting her nails perfectly.


And takes another picture of her friend.


The heart-breaking ride to the vet while Hannah sits on her lap.


And finally hugging her as her life slips away.


Let’s hope Hannah’s happy and at peace, romping about in a meadow of frisbees and doggy treats.

It’s hard to let someone you love go. It’s hurts. But it’s for their good.

Please take care of these lovely creatures. They need love and support as much as we do.

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  1. Vv emotional.Be kind to yr dear pets

    1. Yes Mum.

  2. Soham Goswami says: Reply

    Truly emotional nd jst speechless one..!!

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