7 Things To Do Before 2017 ENDS!

What is comimg is better than what is gone.

2 weeks we have before 2018 arrives and I listed down few points you need to do before 2018 commences. No matter how 2017 has treated us all, let’s try to make 2018 a better, healthier and stable year for us and for all. Here are a few tips you can do right now so that you can start the new year with great vibes.


I know it’s more of a personal choice but meditation can help you clear out your mind of all ill thoughts, make you more mentally stable, calm you down, increase your concentration and will power. What’s better than starting your year with some positive thoughts, no grudges, no hate vibes! You can start by using the meditation apps available for your phones! I use this app called “MEDIDATION” available on AppStore as well as PlayStore.


Clean your storage.Be it your clothes, shoes, jewelery or stationery. Donate. Sell. But let the unused things go. It lessenes the dampening energy and you can be more organized with more space the new year.


Many of us have this “FITNESS” resolution for the new year. But the trick is to actually start in December so that you have some momentum going into January. This helps you to ease you into working out and you stay much more motivated.


No matter how tempted I am to read the new books, I have decided to finish the unfinished book “Pride & Prejudice” before shifting to the newer lot. This happenes at times when a book stays lying there on the desk for months and we can’t finish it up. Well, complete reading it in this year so that you can start fresh the new year.


Appreciate yourself for coming this far in the year. Get yourself something you wanted for a long time. A watch, headphones ,books , clothes, anything. It’s always great to pamper yourself once in a while.


Say thanks to everyone who has supported, uplifted, motivated you this year. Your family, friends, teachers, co-workers & even people who are no longer there in your life. They all helped you teach a new lesson , gave you a new experience. All in all, show gratitude to all those who made your year better and happier!

  • REFLECT ON 2017

Have a lookback on what things you were able to accomplish from the huge TO DO list for 2017. Take an inventory of what happened and how it happened. Analyze your year and what went wrong in accomplishing your goals. Plan the new year accordingly. Don’t burden yourself with loafty goals which at the end won’t be succesful. Rather, start from small goals and build them up as you succeed in the small goals.


Above all, start the new year with lots of positivity and peace. Let’s spread love and humanity. Let’s welcome 2018 with a better us, a better world!

Lots Of Love,

Author: Hetvi Desai new year


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